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A 107 Fahl


Farmacia901 • F90112 • Italy 2014
300 copies

01 FmF 4 07’28“
02 L10RC 06’04“
03 L10RB 3 06’40“

Release notes
“The three pieces of ‘Fahl’ are the results of a never ending recycling (not remixing!) of one and the same structure recorded deep in the past. That means recycling of recyclings of recyclings… With ‘Fahl’ the series comes to a temporary end to be continued sometime. The idea behind this esthetic strategy is the question: why further on creating genuine music? Our recent digital and analog tools enable us to derive nearly every sonic event from nearly every other sonic elements. But that is the theory. Actually that tiny “nearly” constantly holds unexpected aural surprises. To perceive these surprises is a question of ear calibration. To be ready for active listening (opposite to passive hearing) is the basic requirement for analytical perception.”
— Asmus Tietchens