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A 110 Parergon

A 110 Parergon


Stille Andacht/Dark Vinyl • SA04 • Germany 2016
500 copies

01 Vektor 6R
02 Vektor 12R
03 Nox 2
04 Vektor 9R
05 p1A
06 Vektor 4R
07 FmF 4A/2
08 p2
09 Vektor 11R
10 Vektor 7R

On „Parergon“
„Parergon“ (Greek ‚collection of small texts‘) is the sequel of the idea to continue to recycle recyclings of recyclings. That does not mean remixes or deconstructions but much more genuine compositions derived from already repeatedly recycled structures. In the future the new compositions, too, will be transformed by recycling into totally new music. This approach is in no case hermetic because no circular course happens: There is no way back to the beginning. With digital tools – but  w i t h o u t  chance operations – one can achieve treatments and processings which lead to a nearly endless multitude of esthetic relevant compositions derived from once defined basic structures. In this connection ’sampling‘ is not of importance. –
The pieces of „Parergon“ do not intend to provoke pictures or moods, but will give the listener simply something to listen to – it is up to him how he handles this offer. In consequece the pieces have no titles. Instead they have index data which point to certain series. –
„Parergon“ has been composed in dark times, but at the best only the artwork reflects this conditions. The sounds themselves come from the vacuum. –