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Concert dates in Italy & Switzerland


Asmus Tietchens will play a number of concerts in Switzerland and Italy in early March 2017. Here are the dates for this mini tour:
05.03.2017: Le Singe, Biel/CH,
06.03.2017: Auditorium San Fedele, Milano/IT,
08.03.2017: Superbudda, Torino/IT,
09.03.2017: @Container, Wunderkammer Glattpark, Zürich/CH,

There will be an experimental DJ set before and after the concerts by DJ Zipo [aufabwegen] on each night, except for the date in Milano. Also, there will be an aufabwegen record stall at all events. For the first time available will be the new collaboration between Fabio Perletta & Asmus Tietchens, entitled Deflection.

Design courtesy of Supperbudda.