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Contribution to ERUPTION compilation and release event

Asmus Tietchens has contributed to the compilation release entitled ERUPTION published by Golden Pudel Club Hamburg (Pudel Produkte 29). ERUPTION is an LP plus 7″ released in honour of the life and work of Conrad Schnitzler. It features contributions by Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Asmus Tietchens, Tintin Patrone, Felix Kubin, Esmark, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Carl und Sohn, Jessica Broscheit & Mark Boombastik, RVDS, Crystal Penalosa and Phuong-Dan.

Asmus Tietchens‘ piece is included on the extra 7″ that comes with the LP. It is a spoken word piece in which Tietchens relates the story of his father and Conrad Schnitzler working on the same ship in the late 1950ies. The piece is in German language.

ERUPTION will soon be available via aufabwegen mailorder.

Furthermore Asmus Tietchens will play a short concert at Golden Pudel Club Hamburg on September 22nd as part of the release event for ERUPTION. Other performances will be by Felix Kubin, Alsen Rau and more. Details can be found here.