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Two contributions

Asmus Tietchens has contributed to two releases that were recently published. One is a ltd. 35 copies CD-R work by Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, compiled from live recordings. On one piece Asmus Tietchens‘ voice can be heard, reading a text handed out by Guido Huebner of DSM to be used in his live performance. The title of the release is „Burleske Ueber Die Wirkung Von Lerm Und Geräusche Des Alltags Auf Die Massen Der Gehirne“ and it was published by the Leipzig based label Recordings For The Summer.

The second instance is a mere mentioning on a recent CD-R release by German experimental group Doc Wör Mirran entitled „Covfefe“. Printed on the cover is the credit „Backing tracks provided over the years by Vera, Paul Lemos, Jello Biafra, Asmus Tietchens and Conrad Schnitzler.“ without any further info. It is our guess that DWM re-used source material provided by Asmus Tietchens for their 1989 LP Labyrinth: Birth – Death.