Du betrachtest gerade First digital only album ‚Parallelen‘

First digital only album ‚Parallelen‘

In September 2022 Asmus Tietchens released his first digital only solo work, an album entitled „Parallelen“. It includes seven pieces and is released on Richard Chartier’s line imprint. The work is available for streaming and high quality download via bandcamp.

This is what the label writes about the release:

LINE is proud to present ‚Parallelen‘, a new full length solo recording by German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens, his first ever digital-only release. Seven years have passed since his album ‚Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)‘ (LINE_073) and Tietchens continues to create otherworldly artificial spaces with his precise minimalist compositions and unique sonic pallete/language.
With this collection of works, Tietchens poses the question:
„Parallels meet at infinity. Isn’t this mathematical axiom a paradoxical allegation? Recycling sound material again and again, recycling the recycling the recycling ad infinitum—can that end at eternity?“
‚Parallelen‘ is Asmus Tietchen’s 7th album on LINE.