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aufabwegen präsentiert: Geräuschwelten #55


(special turntable performance, CH/D)
(ghostly computer drones from Greece)
(idiosyncratic guitar movements from Portugal – Jim O’Rourke loves it!)

Black Box/cuba
Achtermannstr. 12, 48143 Münster

In der mittlerweile 55. Folge der Geräuschwelten kehrt das Institut für Feinmotorik ins cuba/blackbox zurück. Dieses schweizerisch-deutsche Produzententeam arbeitet ausschließlich mit Schallplattenspielern –  allerdings ohne Trägermedien. Die Turntables müssen einiges aushalten, nicht selten wird auch ihr Innenleben mit Gummibändern, präparierten Objekten und allerlei Werkzeug bespielt. IFF ist ein Schmaus für die Ohren und die Augen – die Bearbeitung von 8 Technics 1210 Turntables in Echtzeit ist ein Kunstwerk an sich! Auß0erdem spielen auf: in einer Münster-Premiere das griechische Projekt Mecha/Orga, welches mystisch-kybernetische Komputermusik zum Besten gibt und der portugiesische Gitarrenimprovisator Manuel Mota, von dem das britische Wire-Magazin sagt, er sei ein legitimer Nachfolger für Derek Bailey. Wieder heißt es bei den Geräuschwelten: Vielfalt rules! Geräuschwelten wird gefördert durch das Kulturamt der Stadt Münster.

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Institut für Feinmotorik


Institut fuer Feinmotorik (IFF) is an artists group working in different formats and media. Although the main activity is accoustic-art / music.
IFF is located in Bad Säckingen, Berlin, Cologne and Karlsruhe (all Germany). The group was founded 1997 for a club-event in Basel (Switzerland) at brisant kiosk/club.
IFF produces different outputs (photography, video, music, drawing, computer-programming, printed matters etc.), organizes artistic-/cultural events, does lectures and workshops and publishes artistic goods such as music records, books etc.
IFF got some reputation for their acoustic work with a reductionist set-up called octogrammoticum: 8 turntables, 4 DJ mixers + end-mixer, which is served by the group members. Anything (except records) which somehow fits between turntables and pick-up cartridges (household-rubberbands, paper-stickers, rubbergums, handicraft-tools + various tinker-trivias) may be played.
Lately, IFF contributed to Art Exhibitions (e.g. MUDAM), took part in the music-theatre ensemble fuer staedtebewohner, produced an abstract radioplay for RADIO ARTHUR, they also published a book entitled „Feinmotorik Kompendium“ in 2005, and are about to release a new longplay record.



Mecha/Orga is the project and recording name of Yiorgis Sakellariou who is involved with the contemporary and experimental music scene in Greece through his CD-R label “Echo Music”, and as a member of the Centre Of Contemporary Music Research, and the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association. He’s also a member of the Ear to the Earth organization and he’s writing articles about music.
Since 2003, 2 CDs and 5 CD-Rs have been released and Mecha/Orga has been presented, in live performances, in Greece, The Netherlands, the U.K., France, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Switzerland.
Mecha/Orga’s performances are based on field recordings (from passing trains to waterfalls and from refrigerator drones to desert winds) witch are filtered and mixed in real time, with the use of a laptop, in a completely phenomenological approach. The performances take place in total darkness and the concept of a stage is discarded. Any kind of virtuosity becomes secondary so performer and audience may live an intense personal experience, free from distracting preconceptions.
Manuel Mota

Photo: Vera Marmelo

Born (1970) and based in Lisbon, Manuel Mota is known for his very personal language for guitar playing. His music is part of a tradition rooted in blues and reveals a multitude of influences and historical references, being at the same time  actual with an enigmatic sense of timelessness. The moment of creating and playing is non-separable and sacred and for him, being it solo or group, and that’s why he is often called an improviser. Derek Bailey, speaking about him in an interview for All About Jazz magazine, once said: “ He is really quite intriguing. I saw him playing a couple of years ago in Lisbon. He plays fingerstyle on a solid electric. He didn’t play much or a long time – about twenty minutes – and what he played I thought was really interesting, quite radical. In this area it is difficult to be radical these days.“.
With public activity since 1990, he studied and experimented with prepared guitar and created drone-related pieces. Since aproximately 1997 he shifted his interests to the development of his fingerstyle guitar work. That is still his main focus of activity. At the same time he started working in a regular basis with bassist and visual artist Margarida Garcia with whom he has been performing live and recording. Also member of groups Curia (with Margarida Garcia, David Maranha and Afonso Simões), Dru (with David Maranha and Riccardo Dillon Wanke) and Osso Exótico (with David Maranha, André Maranha, Patrícia Machás and Francisco Tropa). Collaborated regularly with Sei Miguel until 2005. Founded the record label „Headlights“ in 1998 and, almost exclusively, released his work there.
He also found time to graduate in Architecture in 1996 and has been producing visual art work – drawings and videos- but rarely showed them publicly.
His artistic activity has been mostly underground and that is an important cause for aspects that are inner part of his work- unadorned directness, simplicity of means and lo-fi home-recording are notable examples on that.

-Sings, Headlights h11cd, Lisbon 2009
-Outubro – Solo Guitar Playing, Headlights h08/09cd, Lisbon 2006
-Quartets, Headlights h07cd, Lisbon 2004
-Leopardo, Rossbin rs009 cd, Italy 2003
-For Your Protection Why Don’t You Paint Yourself…, Headlights h04cd, Lisbon 2001
-I Wish I’d Never Met You, Headlights h02cd, Lisbon 1999
-Environment Analisys Report, Ananana, fff001, cd, Lisbon 1995
-Sablier, with Osso Exótico, Serralves lp, Porto 2010
-Curia II, with Curia, Headlights h12lp, Lisbon 2009
-L’Aguille du Dru, with Dru, Headlights h10cd, Lisbon 2008
– Curia, with Margarida Garcia, David Maranha e Afonso Simões, Fire Museum fm15 cd, Philadelphia 2007
-Dorsal, with Gabriel Paiuk and Ernesto Rodrigues, Creative Sources cs012 cd, Lisbon 2004
-V3, @C, Crónica 010-2004 cd, Porto 2004
-Small Damage Under Appearance, with Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Margarida Garcia, Thin Ice cdr, Lisbon 2003
-Ra Clock, Sei Miguel, Headlights h06cd, Lisbon 2003
-Noe’s Lullaby, David Maranha, Rossbin, cd, Italy 2002
-Circunscrita, David Maranha, Namskeio,  cd, Lausanne, 2000
-Chasing Sonic Booms, Rafael Toral, Ecstatic Peace!, cd , New York 1998

„You can hear exactly why Derek Bailey spoke so highly of Mota: the guitarist has quite simply created a world of his own.“
Dan Warburton, The Wire