Our release TIDAL (aatp40) by Artificial Memory Trace (aka Slavek Kwi) will run throughout the month of November 2014 in the Lautsprecher sound art programme at the renowned Museum Ostwall in the city of Dortmund. In the Lautsprecher programme a specific work is set up as a continuous loop in a listening room in the museum building at Dortmunder U overlooking the city. The room can be accessed for free during the museum’s opening times. Other pieces later in the year will come from Jacob Kirkegaard, Dylan Nyoukis, Miki Yui and more. The TIDAL CD will be available for purchase at the museum shop for November 2014. The Lautsprecher series is curated by artist Peter Simon and the head of the Museum Ostwall, Prof. Dr. Kurt Wettengl.
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