Einlass: 20.00h, erstes Konzert: 20.30h
Eintritt: AK 10 /  VVK 8 EUR

aufabwegen präsentiert: broken sound #15

Acid Mothers Temple (JAP)
Shamanic psychedelia from the collective led by Makoto Kawabata
Luigi Archetti (CH)
Reductionist digital compositions

Stadtgarten (Saal)
Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln

Ein kalter Abend im Jahre 2005. Der Kulturbunker Mülheim bebt. Acid Mothers Temple geben ein Konzert. Es beginnt mit verschrobenen psychedelischen Songs, verliert sich in kreischendem Noise und endet mit durchgerauchten Verstärkern und einem magischen Outro aus Obertongesang. Sieben Jahre später kehrt das Kollektiv um Makoto Kawabata nach Köln zurück um seine ganz eigene Mischung aus Psychedelic Noise, Krautrock und magischem Experiment zu präsentieren. Acid Mothers Temple sind ein ganz besonderes Phänomen: die Besetzungen wechseln häufig, die Stilistik auch und die Band ist berühmt für ungewöhnliche Zusammenarbeiten (u.a. mit Harald Großkopf oder Guru Guru). Passend zur Zielrichtung von „broken sound“, eine möglichst große Bandbreite an experimenteller Musik pro Abend zu zeigen, kommt der Opener von Luigi Archetti, einem schweizerisch-italienischen Musiker, der scharfkantige Komputermusik schreibt. Eigentlich aus dem Jazz und der Performance kommend hat sich Archetti einen Namen als risikofreudiger Elektroniker gemacht, der mit seinen kalt-reduzierten Sounds ganz eigenwillige Klanggebilde schafft. Der ideale Kontrast zu AMT – es könnte ein denkwürdiger Abend werden.
„broken sound“ wird kuratiert von Till Kniola/aufabwegen und gefördert durch das Kulturamt der Stadt Köln und das Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.  Der Auftritt von Luigi Archetti wird unterstützt von Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung.


Collective led by Kawabata Makoto. There are currently around 30 members, famous and unknown, musicians, artist, dancers, farmers etc. In order to follow and document their multifarious activities, in 1998 the Acid Mothers Temple family record label was set up. The Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting
Paraiso U.F.O. group is just one part of collective’s activities.

Over a decade ago Kawabata became involved with a commune of Japanese beatniks and hippies, but the whole left-wing ethos didn’t really sit right with him. The members of Acid Mothers Temple have several houses all over Japan, and each of us is free to come and go between these houses. So we’re not a commune in the sense that all of us live together in the same place. There are some members who like to travel, others who stay at home. Everyone is free to live in whatever way they like. Our slogan is „Do Whatever You Want, Don’t Do Whatever You Don’t Want!!“. As a result of this philosophy, we have lost money and the trust of society as a whole, but we’ve gained time and freedom. When all the Aum Shinrikyo stuff was going on in Japan in 1995, there were quite a few of our members staying at AMT’s house. [NB Aum Shinrikyo, or Aum Supreme Truth, were the religious cult who carried out the poison gas attack on the Tokyo underground in 1995 that left 12 dead and over 1000 injured]. The neighbours mistakenly thought that our house was a secret Aum hideout and managed to get them evicted. Also, mountain villages are always suspicious of outsiders, and sometimes they are ostracised by the
community. These kinds of problems pop up from time to time, but there’s not much we can do about it. One of our members is a farmer, living together with his fields and rice paddies. There’s another member who has travelled through the Australian deserts and lived with Aborigines. There’s others who
are bumming round India. One went to Africa and never came back. One dropped out of a yakuza gang and decided to travel around Japan searching for mermaids. But we all live according to our slogan, and we all eventually return to the fold. They respect each others‘ ways of life, and we try not to tie each other down. The „soul collective“ only exists so that we can protect our freedom.
Photo: Acid Mothers Temple



1955 born in Brescia, Italy, lives and work in Zürich.
Artistic activity as a musician, composer in the areas: experimental and electro-acoustic music
As visual artists in the areas painting, drawing, installation (partial also sound-installations) and video

Music & Other Projects (selection)
Since 1994 with Bo Wiget (cello and Electronics) as duo Archetti/Wiget
Concerts and tours by Europe and Japan; three CD „LOW TIDE DIGITALS I – III “from the duo appeared on the label rune Grammofon, Oslo.
Their films to its music I HAVE SEEYOU BETTER DANCING THAN THIS (2007) and BESTES DEUTSCHES MUSIKVIDEO (2008) received at the 53. and54. International Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen 2007 and 2008 the renowned MuVi price, the films were pointed to numerous film festivals (Lisbon, Lausanne, Canada, South Korea, U.K and the USA).

2012 CD SILENT SURFACE II with the bass player Jan Schlegel, label Unit Records, Switzerland.
2011 Solo-double-cd NULL II & NULL III, label: Die Schachtel, Milano.
2010 solo CD NULL on the label „Die Schachtel“, Milano.
2006 with Meg Stuart – Damaged Good company in Vienna and Salzburg
2005 solo CD FEBRUAR Unit record, CH
2004 solo CD TRANSIENT PLACES, unit record, CH.
2004 various music video performance in the Kunsthalle Zurich, Kunsthalle Winterthur and in Barcelona.
2001 order for composition (scholarship) of Pro Helvetia.
Since 1983 implementing of various projects „Kunst und Bau.
Photo: Luigi Archetti