Mo. 29.10.2012

Einlass: 20.00h, erstes Konzert: 20.30h
Eintritt: AK 12 /  VVK 10 EUR

aufabwegen präsentiert: broken sound #14

M A I N (UK)
Robert Hampson returns with his mysterious drone project / aided by Stephan Mathieu
New collab between Pure & HATI, dense electronics meet ritual gongs
The Sleep Of Reason (B/UK)
New project of Dirks Serries (Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics, Vidna Obmana), joined by Jon Attwood (Yellow 6) – dense guitar layers

Stadtgarten (Saal)
Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln

„broken sound“ ist die Konzertreihe in Köln, bei der es konsequent um die musikalischen Ränder geht. Drei Ansätze von Drone Musik werden heute vorgesteltl, drei Varianten des Experiments mit Gitarren. MAIN von Robert Hampson war in den Mid-1990ern ein fast schon legendäres Projekt, welches den Stil des Isolationism maßgeblich mitprägte. Der Ausgangspunkt war dieser: Wie minimal kann ich mit traditionellen Rock-Instrumenten wie Bass und E-Gitarre werden? MAIN weideten das Songformat förmlich aus bis nur Knochen übrig blieben. Das reaktivierte Projekt bezieht nun flirrende Electronics unter Mitwirkung von Stephan Mathieu ein und ist beim kultigen Editions Mego Label gelandet. PRSZR ist die Kollaboration zwischen dem Electronica-Projekt PURE des Österreichers Peter Votava (früher auch Ilsa Gold u.a.) und dem polnischen Ritual-Gong-Duo HATI. Pure arbeitet verstärkt mit gestretchten Samples aus Black Metal Riffs, die sich in gespenstischer Art und Weise mit den metallischen Geräuschen der Gongs vermengen. The Sleep Of Reason sind ein puristisches Gitarren-Drone-Projekt von Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics, Vidna Obmana) und Jon Attwood (Yellow6), welches aus ineinadergreifenden Akkordfolgen einen flirrenden Droneteppich entstehen läßt.
„broken sound“ wird kuratiert von Till Kniola/aufabwegen und gefördert durch das Kulturamt der Stadt Köln und das Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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(1990 – 2005) & (2011 – ….)

After the demise of Loop, Robert Hampson formed a new project MAIN with Scott Dowson (also of Loop), with the initial idea of exploring territories of guitar based music that would become heavily subtracted, a million miles away from Loop.
Mixing these guitar textures with field recordings, concrete sounds and collages of sound ephemera, and also shirking rhythm based structures that relied on conventional sounding instruments such as drums, the pair soon created new forms of guitar-based music, initially without any computer intervention.
Main were mistakenly enveloped by others into the Post-Rock and Isolationist movements and with the morbid fear of pigeonholing, they did their best to remove themselves from any movement, wanting to be treated as a separate entity. Although aware of their peers and ever quick to acknowledge those pioneers of sound art that came before them, Main dug into their own hole and their explored their own form of inner space.
With the departure of Dowson in the mid nineties, Hampson decided to treat Main as a solo project and also took the step of removing any traces of guitar that remained, feeling that he had at that time exhausted all possibilities with the instrument.
Sadly, it was a fact that seemed lost in reviews of his work and caused him some frustration at forever having to be associated with the instrument, even though it did not feature at all in any of his pieces.
Such was this frustration, that by 2004, Hampson decided to abandon the name altogether to try and instill in people’s minds that his work had become much more than music derived from guitar sounds.
With the release of ‘Surcease’ (2005), he laid to rest the name of Main.
Now, after six years of working purely on solo Acousmatic sound projects and pieces, Hampson has decided to open the gates again for Main. With the intention of using this guise now as a collaborative project, which will host a floating member framework with invited guests and friends, the first projection has been augmented with fellow sound artist Stephan Mathieu. Using new material derived from field recordings, electronics and pure sound design mixed with Mathieu’s beautiful spectral work for stringed instruments, organs and radios, a new era of Main has begun. A new album of Main recordings is due for release on Editions Mego in December 2012.
Photo: Robert Hampson

PRSZR  – A collaboration between HATI & PURE
PRSZR (pronounced „pressure“) comprises of acclaimed polish percussion duo HATI and austrian electronic music veteran PURE combining the eerie, computer generated sound world of PURE with the archaic, outer-wordly spaceyness of HATI’s percussion play.
Multi-layered syncopating polyrhythms alternate with gong-based drones, both built on top of computer-generated loops and pulsating patterns. Melting acoustic with electronic aesthetics in a unique way PRSZR explores in their performances strategies for a highly hypnotic, cathartic sonic experience for the audience.
Formed in 2008, they played both clubs as well as prestigious festivals like Club Transmediale (Berlin), CoCArt Music Festival (Torun) and Ars Electronica (Linz). The trio recorded its first studio material in 2009. It will be released by swiss label Hinterzimmer Records in October 2012 and accompanied by a tour through several European cities. The trio recorded its first album in 2009. It will be released by swiss label Hinterzimmer Records in early 2012 and accompanied by a tour through several European cities.


the sleep of reason

The Sleep Of Reason is an introspective exchange in guitarperformances between Jon Attwood (Yellow 6) and Dirk Serries.  The Sleep Of Reason exists as a triple album project.  Jon and Dirk got acquainted with each other’s music a few years back and slowly but surely the idea formed to join forces and express their fascination for the introspective and desolate in the guitar music they both have been performing seperately.  This trilogy is carefully scored with an ear for the greatest detail in every guitarsound and bit of performance.  Each album is a continuation of the previous one but differs on an almost subliminal level, making the listener realise over time that The Sleep Of Reason is a slowly mutating, thematic and specific musical entity.  This trilogy will come with a bonus one-sided LP featuring the complete recording of their succesful debut concert at the tf100 Tonefloat festival, March 27th 2011.

Discography –
The Sleep Of Reason (3xLP+one-sided LP, tonefloat 2012)

Photo: Leon Versmissen