A Statement

The edition #66 on November 10th 2012 marked the final concert evening in our series „geräuschwelten“ that we hosted since 1997 in Münster, Germany. It started with a bang – a concert by JOHN DUNCAN – and ended quietly with a beautiful diverse night with concerts by Ross Parfitt, Luc Kerleo and Luigi Archetti.

„geräuschwelten“ has been a labour of love, a constant source of inspiration and surprises, a place to meet new friends and make great discoveries. It was also the place where we learned a lot: about curating and setting up shows, about the value of music, about time, place and emotions.

I want to personally thank ERHARD HIRT for inviting me to organize shows at his lovely venue cuba-cultur/black box in Münster. I also must thank all the people in the team who have been there to support me; first of all Andreas Vogel for doing sound and documenting the events, Anja Kreysing for being a great host, spreading the word in MS and doing slides, Robert Schalinski for designing the postcards, Christian Blaha for staying aboard all those years, Kai Niggemann for adding a certain pop flavour and all the staff at cuba-cultur.

I must also thank all the institutions and organizations who have supported the „geräuschwelten“ series over the last 15 years. I must mention here the Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, in person Andreas Ermeling, for the trust and support over all those years!

Most importantly I want to thank all the artists that have played concerts in the course of „geräuschwelten“ in the last 15 years. Great memories remain. And of equal importance was our dedicated audience sometimes travelling from quite far to see the shows – THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!

The series has to end because of personal reasons: I don’t live in Münster anymore and have a family life I want to devote more time to. The plan for the moment is to build up a comprehensive archive of the series in 2013 on the web, with info on all those shows by Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens, Cranioclast, Illusion Of Safety, and many more. There is also a plan to let „geräuschwelten“ continue as a yearly festival over one weekend but this is still very vague and might happen or not. Future will tell.

Till Kniola / aufabwegen

PS: The concerts in Köln will of course continue!