Again in 2013 aufabwegen has been invited to curate the ‚concerts in the dark‘ series at the renowned moers festival on May 18th and 19th. With the motto „ernegy“ we have invited 5 international sound artists to play quadrophonic concerts of 20 minutes each in total darkness. The artists we invited are:
Leif Elggren
Giancarlo Toniutti
Kassel Jaeger
PRSZR (Hati + Pure)
The concerts take place at the Studio of Schlosstheater Moers, Kastell 6, 47441 Moers each day from 17.30h onwards. The entrance is free! Below is some info in German.

Konzerte im Dunkeln: »Energie!«

Samstag und Sonntag, ab 17:30 Uhr
Studio des Schlosstheaters Moers | Kastell 6 | Eintritt frei!

Bei den diesjährigen Dunkel Konzerten geht es unter dem Motto »Energie« um die verborgene Kraft und Macht der Musik. Fünf internationale Klangkünstler und Geräuschmusiker loten das Potenzial von Sounds aus, um unsere Raumwahrnehmung zu verändern. Die Konzerte schwanken zwischen spiritistischer Sitzung und wissenschaftlicher Exkursion, zwischen psychoakustischer Frequenzmodulation und entspannender Klangmassage. In der Dunkelheit »leuchten« die Sounds stärker als im Alltagsgebrauch und werden nur auf sich selbst zurückgeworfen. Im intensiven Erlebnis extrahiert das Publikum bestimmte Eigenschaften heraus, verstärkt diese und zapft dabei verborgene Energiefelder an.

Leif Elggren (se, krev) | Kallabris (d) | Giancarlo Toniutti (it) | Kassel Jaeger (fr, ch) | PRSZR (at, pl)

Kurator: Till Kniola/aufabwegen
Foto: Karsten Fähnrich

Active since the late 1970s, Leif Elggren is a visual artist, writer, artist’s book publisher, stage performer, and composer based in Stockholm. His varied and prolific output routinely involves dreams, subtle absurdities, and social hierarchies turned upside-down. His audio work, often created as the soundtrack to an installation or performance. „It’s about signals, sounds, anatomy and ideas about death and spiritual experiences.“

KALLABRIS (Jazztone, Bochum)
Since the mid 80s Kallabris has been musically active, at least from time to time. However, most of the time it was rather passive – or active only in a very casual sense of ‚active.‘ Its music has been described as electro-acoustic chamber music, which should be taken literally and not as an art-tag. Neither art nor tags are part of Kallabris‘ interest. Even though Kallabris‘ interest has changed through the active and passive years, there has always been one corner-stone: simplicity. Unfortunately, ’simplicity‘ is a term not easily defined. Simple ontologies may ask for complex theories, and simple theories usually require complex ontologies. But even worse: the simplest solution very often means hard work and good craftsmanship. Attributes, no-one in his right mind would dare to predicate to Kallabris, even though Kallabris believes in the completeness of first-order logic (including existence) and, thus, is fully aware that attributions of this kind are justifiable.
Kallabris has sometimes been identified with a person called Michael Anacker. No entity without identity, says scholastic metaphysics. But Kallabris is no entity, nor is a person. Thus, we conclude, this identification is only a marketing trick.

Born in Udine, 21.3.1963.
Researcher in various fields, mainly morphology, anthropology and languages, and experimental composer of electroacoustic music and theoretician.
He developed a largely materic approach to electroacoustic sound works, where the morphogenetic acoustics of sounds generate forms and structures.
He published his music at a relatively slow pace, with about 15 works in 35 years, including some collaborations. He realized various live activities, from concerts to sound-sites. He wrote and gave lectures on various subjects.
Giancarlo Toniutti is one of the most important italian composers of the so-called Post-Industrial scene releasing works on such cult-labels as Broken Flag and has collaborated with renowned artists such as Andrew Chalk or german Kraut-Electronics-Guru Conrad Schnitzler.

Kassel Jaeger is an elusive shadow, a password, a catalytic entity, not a real name anyway.
This rather enigmatic self-effacement serves the purpose of an “equally impenetrable aural art” (DC). Kassel Jaeger is a swiss-french composer. He is a member of the Groupes de Recherches Musicales in Paris, France.
His works are published by Editions Mego, Senufo Editions and Unfathomless.

PRSZR is PURE (Peter Votava) and HATI (Rafal Iwanski & Rafal Kolacki).
PRSZR (pronounced pressure) combines the eerie, computer generated sound world of Austrian electronic music veteran PURE with the archaic, outer-worldly spaceyness of Polish duo HATI’s percussion play. Multi-layered syncopatic polyrhythms alternate with gong-based drones, both built on top of computer-generated loops and pulsating patterns. Melting acoustic with electronic aesthetics in a unique way, the trio explores strategies for a highly hypnotic, cathartic sonic experience.
PRSZR formed in 2008 and played a few promising live shows since. Their first CD “Equilibrium” was released in 2012 on Hinterzimmer Records.