aufabwegen has been kindly invited to the great NOISES festival at b05 in Montabaur. It is a festival combining themes of experimentation and cultural anthropology (Ethnologie), which is great we think! aufabwegen will present some cover artworks and a 2-hour-mix from the label catalogue by DJ Zipo [aufabwegen], that will run continuously in one room at the festival grounds.
Also, DJ Zipo [aufabwegen] will play an experimental ambient DJ set on Friday 14.06.2013 sometime after midnight, after Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa).

The festival will run the whole weekend 14.-16.06.2013 and includes lectures, screenings, concerts (for example by Achim Mohne) and further label presentations by Touch and Denovali.

For more info check the FB-site at: or the venue site at: