LABEL / MAGAZIN / VERANSTALTER  – seit 1992. Jenseits der gängigen Kategorisierungen und Sparten zugunsten einer selbstgeformten Struktur. Sub- und Counter-Kultur.


[krev] ministry of detours

td#6 — EP — Barbed: Through The Barricades

10” vinyl EP release date: 09.06.2008 artist: BARBED title: Through The Barricades catalogue no.: td#6 time: appr. 23 min., 6 tracks full colour sleeve / 500 copies / designed by Barbed Available: 8,00 Euros

td#4 — EP — Cranioclast: Carl’s On Acit

10” vinyl, 45 rpm release date: 11.12.2003 artist: CRANIOCLAST title: Carl’s On Acit order no.: travel document td#4 time: 25:00 min 500 copies / full colour design Available: 9,00 Euros (very last copies!) On “Carl’s On Acit”: After quite some silence here come two unheard tracks by the mysterious German duo Cranioclast. In keeping with...
td#5 -- EP -- [multer]: Schauzeichen

td#5 — EP — [multer]: Schauzeichen

10” vinyl, 33 rpm release date: 11.12.2003 artist: [multer] title: Schauzeichen order no.: travel document td#5 time: 25:00 min 500 copies / hand-stamped cover Available: 9,00 Euros On “Schauzeichen”: The „schauzeichen ep“ is the most condensed kind of a summary of the sound of [multer] in its whole variety from 1997 to 2003. From abstract...