LP vinyl / digital
release date: 05.12.2014
artist:  SETH NEHIL
title: Bounds
order no.: aatp47
Label code (LC): 01291
time: ca. 42 mins
full colour cover, plus insert. Limited to 300 copies
price: 18,00 €
Available digitally from bandcamp


On “Bounds”:
„Bounds“ consists of 11 electro-acoustic compositions, whose first versions were constructed by Seth Nehil for the “Concerts in the Dark” series at Moers Festival 2012 curated by aufabwegen. In 2013 Seth did the final versions and added some new pieces. “Bounds” is an exciting trip through sound manipulation, treated drums and very detailed textures. The overall atmosphere is dark but the way the sounds are arranged and connected speaks of an almost scientific clarity.

Bounds is a new, more synthetic direction for Seth Nehil.  Originally composed for a festival of music in complete darkness, these pieces treat recorded sound as infinitely malleable and transformable.  Starting with acoustic percussive sources (drums, gongs, cymbals, vibraphones, etc.), recordings were warped beyond recognition, exploring the juncture between rhythm and pitch.  Sonic impulses were subjected to micro-editing techniques to produce new, alien forms which were then fragmented into grains, pulses and tones or built up into rhythms, loops and cycles.  Convolution reverb was used extensively to color timbres and place sounds into unusual spaces.  These eleven short tracks are full of expanses, interruptions and repetitions.  These are dynamic compositions that sound like nothing else.
Seth Nehil – Biography 2014

Seth Nehil (b. 1973) is a sound and video artist making concerts, performances and installations. Nehil meshes manipulated acoustic recordings, voices, instruments, granular synthesis and field recordings into richly detailed spaces. His compositions draw equally from classic musique concréte, film sound design, hip hop production and noise to form a uniquely hybrid sonic world, full of off-kilter rhythms, sudden junctures and explosive bursts. “…A shapliness that’s unusual in abstract music… hugely satisfying.” – Brian Marley, The Wire

In addition to recorded and live-mixed sound, Seth Nehil has collaborated with dance and video artists, choreographers, and theater companies to produce original sound scores, multimedia performances and video installations. He has created his own original performance pieces, bringing together multi-screen video, multi-channel recorded sound and live performers to explore quasi-narrative spaces between cinema and dance. He is currently conducting research for an experimental documentary on the use of “attack therapy” and the historical roots of child behavior modification.

Seth Nehil has released over 15 albums of experimental sound on international labels, including Sonoris (France) and Senufo Editions (Italy). He has given concerts across Europe, Japan and the US. Nehil received an MFA in Music/Sound from Bard College. He teaches sound design, sound art and video at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Washington State University and Portland State University.

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