release date: 27.01.2003
title: 7 STÜCKE
order no.: aatp10
time: 55:00 min
jewel case / 500 copies / full colour design
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On “7 Stücke”:
First collaborative effort between german sound manipulation pioneer Asmus Tietchens and american improv-drummer Jon Mueller. The cd features 7 tracks that run up to 55 minutes. the sound ranges from rather raw and noisy drum experiments to subdued inversions of drum sounds. like most previous Tietchens’ collaborations raw material has been sent to Hamburg to be transformed in the infamous Audiplex studios. after the greek-alphabet series of sine tones and white noise workings this rather unspoilt and raw sound work with Jon Mueller brings about a new direction in sound for Tietchens.
Jon Mueller has been active for several years in the us improv scene playing in various ensembles and doing solo work. he runs the excellent web mag/label/mailorder