aatp25 — 2CD — Carl Michael von Hausswolff/Perhaps I Arrive

2x cd-audio
release date: 27.04.2008
title: PERHAPS I ARRIVE – music for Atatürk Airport, Istanbul
catalogue no.: aatp25
time: CD 1: 61:09; CD 2: 46:36 min
full colour digipak / 500 copies / designed by Akifumi Nakajima (Aube)
Available:  18,00 Euros

On “Perhaps I Arrive”:
This double disc set includes some of the most unusual sounds you will have heard from Carl Michael von Hausswolff. The story goes like this. Von Hausswolff was chosen by the 1997 Istanbul Biennal to create a sound installation for Atatürk Airport. His classic sound combining low frequency rumblings, very monotonous oscillations and hissy non-narrative sequences was deemed too confusing for the commutors.

It was feared, von Hausswolff’s sound installation might be mistaken for an alarm and would be capable of causing serious panic at the airport. Hence the original soundtrack for “Perhaps I Arrive” was neglected. This music can now be heard for the first time on disc 1. Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s response to the artistsic restrictions was to produce the four tracks you hear on the second disc. These only make use of the very basic pre-set industry sounds included in the Yamaha QY22 and show a new side to the von Hausswolff sound. Very simple, post-nuclear lounge music. These four tracks – you guessed it! – where happily used in the context of the Biennal exhibition.
Art is a three-letter word (William S Burroughs)

Carl Michael von Hausswolff was born in 1956 in Linköping, Sweden. He lives and works in Stockholm. Since the end of the 70s, Hausswolf has worked as a composer using the tape recorder as his main instrument. His compositions from 1979 to 1992 are constructed almost exclusively from basic material taken from earlier audiovisual installations and performance works, which consists essentially of complex macromal drones with a surface of aesthetic elegance and beauty. In later works, Hausswolff has retained the aesthetic elegance and the drone and added a purely isolationistic sonoric condition to composing.
Between 1996 and 1998 Hausswolff boiled away even more ornamental meat from the bone: his works are pure, intuitive studies of electricity, frequency functions and tonal autism within the framework of a conceptual stringent cryption. Hausswolff’s music has been performed throughout Europe and in North America.
He has often collaborated with other artists (such as Erik Pauser, Leif Elggren, Andrew McKenzie, Johan Söderberg, Zbigniew Karkowski, Graham Lewis, David Jackman, Jean-Louis Huhta and Kim Cascone). Hausswolff’s audiovisual works have also found outlets in pictorial art.
On the 27th of May 1992 at 12 Noon GMT, alongside Leif Elggren, he proclaimed the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland, a new country established as a work of art.