aatp03 — CD — AUBE/Evocation

release date: 01.10.2011
artist:  AUBE
title: Evocation
order no.: aatp03
Label code (LC): 01291
time: ca. 60 mins.
sleeve designed by Akifumi Nakajima.
limited to 621 handnumbered copies
sold out

Evocation I 9:42
K-Komplex 9:04
Encephalic Vocation 11:59
Paroxysmal Discharge 15:14
Evocation II 14:55

Limited edition of 621 hand-numbered copies.
All music composed, mixed, recorded and designed at Studio MECCA, Kyoto, Japan, July-Sept 1997, using only the brain wave/Electroencephalogram as source material.