aatp14 — CD — Marc Behrens: Animistic (for Donatella)

release date: 01.06.2004
title: ‘ANIMISTIC [for Donatella]’
catalogue no.: aatp14
time: 44:00 min
500 copies / DVD case / 7 full colour photo cards
Available: 16,00 Euros (last copies!)

On “ANIMISTIC [for Donatella]”:
ANIMISTIC [for Donatella], CD album in DVD case with 7 full colour photo cards

The cover features 7 full colour cards in a DVD box that show photographs by the artist, complete with liner notes and texts explaining the nature of the location recordings.
Marc Behrens is an artist and designer working in several fields. He has conceived musical compositions, installations, performances, objects, videos, and design. Born in Darmstadt, Germany, M. Behrens is a citizen of Konungarikena Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV). His discography spans releases on such labels as sirr, trente oiseaux, hypnotism, intransitive, wachsender prozess to name but a few. He has collaborated with francesco lopez, paolo raposo, john duncan and others.

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