aatp17 — LP — Fear Falls Burning: The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart

LP black vinyl
release date: 26.12.2006
title: ‘The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart’
order no.: aatp17, time: 40 min, 300 handnumbered copies
Sold out!

Fear Falls Burning – With all the power, noise, aggression and subtlety that comes from a single man performing real-time on the electric guitar through a maze of pedal effects, notes and chords shifting and multiplying over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound. Fear Falls Burning succeeds in uncovering a new language that stretches time and brings the listener to the edge multiple times, entrancing with the repetitive yet pure sonic presence of the electric guitar. Fear Falls Burning sets himself apart from the current drone scene by using different techniques and an expansive collection of pedal effects. The zen-induced result of a harsh method of musical effacement: Lonely tones drift through harmoniously singing clouds of sustain, black streams of crunching distortion flow underneath heavenly harmonics, minuscule melodies appear and drift off. With no overdubs or post-production effects involved, the compositions progress in an organic and natural way, giving the music a special feeling and soul that is missing from many recordings these days. This is Fear Falls Burning.
Fear Falls Burning is the new solo project by Dirk Serries from Vidna Obmana. The FFB sound may appeal to friends of Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Troum, Robert Fripp and all connoisseurs of heavy guitar drone layers!

Fear Falls Burning – the rainbow mirrors a burning heart LP
Finally released on the German Auf Abwegen label. This is the registration of an exclusive concert fear falls burning performed on October 13th 2005 at Kulturbunker Mülheim in Köln (Germany), commissioned by Auf Abwegen. This LP covers 2 variations on fear falls burning’s method of droning, side A features the most minimal and static drone he did so far while side B brings out his most wilful and in-your-face approach to distorted and powerful chords. Strictly limited to 300 copies !!

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