Anthro 02 — LP — SCHNACK (Paul Hubweber/Uli Böttcher): s/t

LP vinyl record
release date: 04.02.2005
title: ‘Schnack’
order no.: Anthro 02
time: 44:00 min
300 copies on heavy black vinyl, full colour cover
Available: 12,00 Euros

Schnack is the Live-Duo of improvising musicians Paul Hubweber (Cologne) and Uli Böttcher (Wiesbaden). The play a fascinating and restless mix of trombone noises and real time sampling and electronics.
Paul Hubweber began with trombone studies in 1971 mainly concentrating on improvised music. He has developed his own special „trombone voice“ and his musical focus. It is the special affinity for the balladic and the noisy, i. e. the non-separable combination of tone and sound belonging to the same origin. The description for music (tones, sounds, noises) as totally independent from stereotypes like extemporization and composition – „Home is where the heart is!“
Continuous co-operation with: a. o. Claus van Bebber, Martin Theurer, Erhard Hirt, Ulrich Phillipp, Hainer Wörmann, Paul Lovens, John Butcher, Markus Eichenberger, Peter Kowald, Wolfgang Schliemann, Dirk Marwedel.
International concert tours and festivals, e. g. FreeMusicAntwerpen, Moers, HumaNoiseCongress, MusiktriennaleKoeln, DerGuteTon, Symposium Contemporary Music, Forum 20 DDF, MusicaNovaBremen, Dance + Music Dresden, Documenta VIII, Ars Electronica, etc.
Uli Böttcher has studied art education. Since the early 90ies he has been working as a percussionist in Salsa ensembles. He moved on to improvised music in the mid 90ies and has been a member of the legendary outfit Maxwells Dämon (with Stephan Mathieu). He also is a member of ‚Ensemble 2inc‘. He loves and works in Wiesbaden, Germany.