Anthro 01 — LP — Tefiton (Claus van Bebber/Erhard Hirt): Tefiton

LP vinyl record
release date: 15.12.2005
title: ‘Tefiton’
order no.: Anthro 01
time: 43:00 min
300 copies on heavy black vinyl, full colour cover
Available: 12,00 Euros

TEFITON features over 40 minutes of thickly layered and at places elegantly slick noise textures generated from electronics, feedback and turntable. TEFITON features Ulrich Krieger (Zeitkratzer, Sonic Youth collaborator) on saxophone on one track. The overall sound shifts between almost classical improv and abrasive moments more known from the field of noise music. A fresh and challenging release!
Claus van Bebber
Born 18.12.1949. Working in the field of soundart and visual art/object art, creating vinyl sculptures. In the 1960-70ies Fluxus related activities. Since then working with turntables as instruments, still his prime working method today. Claus van Bebber has been a founding member of the artist collective Heinrich Mucken” (1982-1990) and as a sound artists has collaborated with Erhard Hirt, Paul Hubweber, Philip Jeck, Ron Schmidt, Helmut Lemke, Michael Vorfeld, Dieter Schlensog. His latest groups are the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fruchttanz (with Tobias Schmitt und Günter Schroth) and the duo Tefiton (with Erhard Hirt). Releasse on intermedium records, Nur/Nicht/Nur, FMP and anthropometrics.

Erhard Hirt
Guitar & Electronics
Working since the 1970ies as a musician and promoter/curator in the field of improvised and experimental music. Starting point for his electroacoustic works is the notion of sound as a meaningful surface of musical creativity and activity.
Groups (selection): MALFATTI -HIRT – SCHNEIDER, MINTON – HIRT – TURNER, LOL COXHILL – ERHARD HIRT DUO, STRING TRIO with Phil Wachsman, Alfred Zimmerlin, with PHIL MINTON/JOHN BUTCHER, Coxhill – Turner – Hirt, with Martin Theurer and Thomas Lehn. Various releases worldwide.
Guitar projects with Derek Bailey, Stephan Wittwer, Davey Williams, John Russel, Uwe Kropinski,Joe Sachse, Mike Cooper, Kalle Laar, Lothar Fiedler, Eugene Chadbourne, Valery Dudkin, Hans Reichel, Jean Marc Montera, Dave Draper.