LABEL / MAGAZIN / VERANSTALTER  – seit 1992. Jenseits der gängigen Kategorisierungen und Sparten zugunsten einer selbstgeformten Struktur. Sub- und Counter-Kultur.

New Release: Marc Behrens - Mutt Att Narc Imm CD

New Release: Marc Behrens – Mutt Att Narc Imm CD

New CD release on aufabwegen by German sound artist Marc Behrens, entitled Mutt Att Narc Imm. The work features three new pieces of majestic beauty! CD comes in a nice full colour digipak designed by the artist. 300 copies. Read more here.

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Ukraine concerts!

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe has been invited by Monochrome Vision to play a handful of concerts in the Ukraine. It will be a double bill shared with the great project Artificial Memory Trace. The dates are: 31st July – Kiev 2nd August – Dnepropetrovsk 4th August – Sebastopol We have items available by both artists in...


aufabwegen is not a booking agency nor is this the exclusive way to arrange concerts by the artists mentioned below. However, we do like all of the artists mentioned here and will forward your request directly to them or get back to you with details about setting up a concert/show. Please write WHEN you want...

booking / Teletubbies of Death

TELETUBBIES OF DEATH ( DJ performances) DJ-team of ] arthuur [..] vogelwürger [ & DJ Zipo Playing special sets using only records with locked grooves. Industrial techno.

booking / DJ Zipo

DJ Zipo ( DJ performances) Editor of aufabwegen-magazine. Sets include „electronic bricolage“ mixing post electronic sound, voices, minimal beats and drones & „halbe tanzmusik“ playing a selection of strange techno, 80ies and post industrial stomps.

booking / Thuja

THUJA (Live act) One half of Resonator. Thuja presents conceptual performances based around location specific recordings.

booking / Resonator

RESONATOR (Live act) Pop musique noir by this electronic duo, producing dense sound landscapes.

booking / Arthuur Vogelwürger

Arthuur Vogelwürger (Live act) Burroughs inspired post-industrial soundscapes with a leaning towards dense & loopy rhythms. Formerly known as MOHR. Booking enquiries to:

booking / Multer

MULTER (Live act) Droning guitar chords, subtle rhythms and electronica sounds – the German brothers of Labradford!. Website:

booking / Marc Behrens

MARC BEHRENS (Live act) Sound artist from Frankfurt, digital de-composition of field recordings and sound layers. Website:

booking / Wollscheid/Tietchens

WOLLSCHEID/TIETCHENS (Live act) Collaborative live improvisations by Achim Wollscheid & Asmus Tietchens. Wollscheid runs the renowned collective Selektion.

booking / Asmus Tietchens

ASMUS TIETCHENS (Live act) One of Germany’s most prolific sound artists, working in the field of concrete sound manipulation.