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40 years ILLUSION OF SAFETY Europe tour

aufabwegen and Complacency have joined forces to put together a little concert tour through Europe for ILLUSION OF SAFETY. The veteran US experimental sound project led by Dan Burke will perform in the cities below. On all occasions there will be an aufabwegen record stall, sometimes DJ Zipo (aufabwegen) will play a collage DJ set, on most nights other artists will perform too.

Please check out the dates below and come by and say hello!

ILLUSION OF SAFETY 40th anniversary tour

22/11/2023 hoerbar, Hamburg/Germany –
23/11/2023 Oberdeck, Hannover/Germany, w/ Tim Tetzner –
24/11/2023 Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels/Belgium, w/ Lean Left –
25/11/2023 Blackbox/cuba-cultur, Münster/Germany, Grisaille Gathering w/ Modelbau, Ross Parfitt, Strict Nurse, a.o. –
26/11/2023 OCCII, Amsterdam/The Netherlands, w/ Weak Will, Awenydd, a.o. –
27/11/2023 La Mecanique Ondulatoire, Paris/France, w/ M. Henritzi & Kohzo Komori –
28/11/2023 Galerie Grölle, Wuppertal/Germany, w/ Falk Koziol –