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Current 93 poster edition

aufabwegen is very happy to announce that two different Current 93 posters will be available especially for the C93 show in Cologne. The posters are 50 × 70 cm and are reproductions of two original paintings by David Tibet entitled “I Have Seen the Gnostic Bird” and “I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the Killer 33” respectively. The poster also has the name of the group, the date and the location of the concert.

Both posters are produced as silkscreen prints in white ink on black carton paper and each is printed in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, signed by David Tibet, of which only 93 will be available for sale at the C93 concert in Cologne, 29th March 2011. The price is 30 euros per poster. Both posters together are avilable for a special price of 50 euros ONLY AT THE CONCERT. Any remaining stock will be available after the Current 93 concert through aufabwegen mailorder only. If you wish to reserve copies to pick up at the concert please write an email to: