aufabwegen news May 2011

dear all,

some news from the aufabwegen headquarters.


next release is the full length cd „temporary audiosculptures and artefacts“ by a project called KONRAD KRAFT.
KONRAD KRAFT is the alias of artist detlef funder who produces music under different names in various genres and styles.
KONRAD KRAFT is kybernetic ambient with a strange 1990ies post-ethno-melancholy, if that makes sense. KONRAD KRAFT had some appearances in the context of the great Stimme des Volkes (SDV) label from Duesseldorf and also appeared on the Timebase Compilation Twillight Earth that was truly genre-defining. the cd is packaged in a special carton box and limited to 300 copies. it costs 13 euros and is available now for preorder.

next releases are planned by francisco lopez and asmus tietchens/rolf zander.

aufabwegen presents the following concerts:
25.05.: LARSEN feat. LITTLE ANNIE + BLACK TO COMM @ Stadtgarten, Cologne
11.+12.06.: „Luminous Darkness“ concerts in total darkness at moers festival 2011: Performances by COLIN POTTER, SIMON WHETHAM, GREGORY BUETTNER, ROBERT HAMPSON, ALEXANDER RISHAUG, ILIOS, free entrance!!! more info:
07.07. Sonic Objects #9: IF,BWANA + PHILIP JECK vs. Charles Ives @ Kulturbunker Muelheim, Cologne
09.07. Geräuschwelten #59: KONRAD KRAFT + IF,BWANA + AHNST ANDERS @ blackbox/cuba-cultur, Muenster

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we have some last copies of the signed silk screen posters from the CURRENT 93 shows left for sale, as well as new additions by Nurse With Wound, Coil, Tietchens, Leif Elggren, MB and more.

I have contributed liner notes to a forthcoming double cd retrospective by Column One on the polish label Nefryt.
More infos on the group:

thanks for listening.