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Asmus Tietchens

aatp20 — CD — Asmus Tietchens/Jon Mueller: Acht Stücke

cd-audio release date: 17.11.2007 artist: ASMUS TIETCHENS/JON MUELLER title: ACHT STÜCKE order no.: aatp20 time: 53:08 min full colour paper sleeve / 500 copies / designed by Asmus Tietchens Available: 13,00 Euros

Book+CD — Asmus Tietchens: Monographie

ASMUS TIETCHENS: Monographie (Book + 70min. CD) German/English 600 copies. Second completely revised and updated edition. Edited by Kai U. Jürgens. Includes the CD „Verstreutes 2“ which contains nearly all contributions to CD compilations and some from tape compilations up to 1995. „Und Wenn C.S. Nun Ein Hippie Wäre?“ is an unreleased bonus track. There...


cd-audio release date: 27.01.2003 artist: ASMUS TIETCHENS/JON MUELLER title: 7 STÜCKE order no.: aatp10 time: 55:00 min jewel case / 500 copies / full colour design Sold out! On “7 Stücke”: First collaborative effort between german sound manipulation pioneer Asmus Tietchens and american improv-drummer Jon Mueller. The cd features 7 tracks that run up to...

Various: Treat The Gods As If They Exist

V/A: TREAT THE GODS AS IF THEY EXIST [AATP02] Released by AUF ABWEGEN, October 1996. Sold out! An all exclusive collection of dark atmospheres from around the planet. BEEQUEEN: Tabletalk [5.04] DROME: Cheezy Birth [2.42] CHRIS & COSEY: Her Knee (of special taste) [6.54] SCHLOSS TEGAL: Black Static Transmission [5.11] O YUKI CONJUGATE: Roseland (live)...